Beds of Various Types for Every Style

Many people are unaware of the number of alternatives available when purchasing a new bed. We explore 75 different sorts of beds and frames that will fit just about any style, from beds with built-in speakers to beds that hang from the ceiling.

Don’t settle for a basic bed the next time you’re in the market for a new one. Make the most of our guidance to choose the ideal bed for your home and lifestyle.

Choose a hospital bed.

Bed Sizes of Various Types

You must first determine the appropriate size before deciding on a bed style. Are you looking for a king or a California king? Is it better to get a twin or a twin XL? Below, we’ve included every possible bed size.

1. a pair

A twin mattress is the tiniest bed available. It has a width of 38 inches and a length of 75 inches. It’s an excellent space-saving bed for singles, children, and bunk beds.

38″ x 75″ | 96.5 x 190.5cm Dimensions

2. XL Twin

The twin XL mattress is slightly longer than the twin mattress. It has a width of 38 inches and a length of 80 inches. Taller teenagers, dorm rooms, and single sleepers with limited space will benefit from it.

38″ x 80″ | 96.5 x 203cm Dimensions

3. Complete

A full mattress (sometimes known as a double) has a width of 53 inches and a length of 75 inches. It measures 16 inches longer than a twin. Single sleepers, such as young people or new graduates, will appreciate the full-size bed. It’s also suitable for use in hotel rooms.

Dimensions: 134.5 x 190.5cm | 53″ x 75″

4. The Queen

The queen mattress has a width of 60 inches and a length of 80 inches. It is ideal for couples and has sufficient of space for solitary sleepers. In master suites that are at least 10 × 10 feet, queen-sized beds work well.

60″ × 80″ | 152.5 x 203cm Dimensions

5. The king

At 76 inches broad and 80 inches long, a king mattress is the largest mattress available. This bed size is ideal for singles who prefer to stretch out, as well as couples with children and pets.

Dimensions: 193 × 203cm | 76″ x 80″

6. Cal King

The California king mattress has a width of 72 inches and a length of 84 inches. It’s the world’s longest mattress, therefore it’s ideal for people who are six feet or taller. The California king bed can easily accommodate two individuals, but much more than that and the sleeping area becomes crowded.

72″ × 84″ | 183 x 213cm Dimensions

Bed Designs of Various Types

Now that you know what size bed you’ll need, it’s time to choose a style that goes with it. We discuss some of the strangest and most popular types of beds below, ranging from sofa beds to storage beds.

Daybed No. 7

Because it can be used as a bed, a bench, or a sofa, a daybed is a very adaptable bed style. It has the same function as a futon but is a little more attractive. It comes in a number of shapes and sizes, although twin beds are the most common. For home offices, guest rooms, and even patios, daybeds are ideal.

8. Fution

A futon, like a daybed, may serve as both a couch and a bed. It’s a classic Japanese bedding style that’s ideal for tiny spaces and flats. It’s a foldable bed, so it’s simple to store and can go almost anywhere in your home.

9. Waterbed 

A waterbed, as opposed to memory foam or spring mattresses, is filled with water. Waterbeds, while not the most common sort of mattress, have a number of advantages, including the ability to soothe tight muscles; they’re even employed in various types of physical treatment. The water can be heated to reduce pressure on hurting joints and provide a therapeutic effect.

10. Air Mattress

Air beds are not the same as air mattresses, even though they are both filled with air. Air beds are more permanent and are intended for use in the home rather than camping or travelling. They can either be utilised as ordinary beds or as pull-out couches.

11. Bed with a Bookcase

Bookcase bed designs are ideal for anyone who enjoys curling up with a nice book before going to sleep. The headboards of these beds come with built-in bookshelves so you can conveniently access your favourite books.

12. Murphy Bed 

A Murphy bed, also known as a pull-down bed or wall bed, is designed for people who wish to make the most of their available space. A hinge on one end of a Murphy bed allows it to be folded up and stowed against the wall. Most beds in this form have storage on the sides, allowing you to maximise your living space. In studios and tiny flats, these are ideal.

13. Convertible Bed 

A convertible bed will appeal to you if you enjoy multifunctional items. Convertible beds can convert from a bed to a sofa and back again. They look beautiful in almost any room of the house, but they’re most typically utilised in guest rooms.

14. Poster Bed 

The unique posts that come up from each corner distinguish four-poster beds. A typical addition to a large bedroom is this form of bed. From rustic to regal, the posts can be created in a variety of designs.

15. Low Poster Bed

A low poster bed features posts that come up from each corner, similar to a four-poster bed. The height of the posts is what distinguishes this bed. The posters on this sort of poster bed are much lower, only a few inches tall.

16. Bed with a Pencil Poster

The pencil poster bed, like the above poster beds, has four posts at each corner of the bed. The posts, on the other hand, are significantly thinner and were extremely popular in the 18th century.

17. Bed with a Half Poster

The half poster bed is the final member of the poster bed family. The size of each poster is what distinguishes this form of poster bed. The posters at the foot of the bed are exceedingly short (even shorter than the low poster bed), but the posters at the top are standard size.

18. Bed that is round

A round bed is one that is shaped like a round. The length of a king-sized mattress can be compared to the length of this form of bed. This unique bed is ideal for reclining and looks fantastic in a TV room, theatre room, or by a wide window.

19. Divan

Divan beds are distinguished by their particularly constructed foundation, which is made up of a hardwood frame encased in fabric. A headboard and drawers for extra storage are sometimes included in the base.

It also includes a mattress that is designed to interact with the base for your convenience. This type of bed is ideal for those who want to buy a mattress and a bed at the same time.

20. Ottoman Bed 

Underneath an ottoman bed are gas-lifting hydraulics that lift the mattress to reveal additional storage space. This bed is ideal for individuals who want to minimise their living space while also adding some extra storage (without sacrificing comfort).

21. Canopy Bed (Traditional)

A typical canopy bed features posters rising from each corner of the bed, similar to poster beds. The poster links to create a frame around the bed, which makes this sort of bed unique. The posters on a traditional canopy bed are normally constructed of wood and are quite thick. Fabric can then be draped over the frame for a warm and inviting atmosphere.

22. Canopy Bed in a Modern Style

The current version of a canopy bed is a contemporary canopy bed. It has a very thin frame and may be created out of a number of materials to suit your personal taste. This bed’s design can fit into most bedrooms and even add some height to the smallest spaces.

23. Tester Bed (Half)

Half tester beds are similar to poster beds, but the feet are lower and there are only posters rising from the corners at the headboard — therefore the name “half.” These beds were quite popular in the late 1800s and can still be found in older homes.

24. Panel Bed 

Rails go along the foot and head of the bed in a panel bed. This bed is designed to accommodate both a mattress and a mattress foundation. Wooden panels are commonly used in the bed’s base to enhance breathability and help extend the life of your mattress and foundation.

25.  Hanging hospital Bed 

A hanging bed does exactly what it says on the tin: it dangles from the ceiling. A hanging bed can be used in a variety of ways in your living space, despite its unique form.

A hanging bed is ideal for individuals who want to rock themselves to sleep, from outside lounge furniture to a warm bed swing.

26. Enignum Bed 

Joseph Walsh, an Irish designer, invented the enignum bed, a distinctive form of canopy bed. The pattern at the top of the bed is what makes this bed so unique. To create an intimate, fascinating design, thin pieces of wood arch over the bed, and a silk curtain is frequently put over the arches.

27. Magnetic Floating Bed 

One of the more odd bed styles on our list is a magnetic floating bed. This sort of bed is comprised of permanent magnetic material that is lifted off the ground by opposing magnets. This style of bed is more of a luxury item and is therefore more expensive.

28. Sonic Bed 

The sonic bed features a built-in speaker system that can play music while you sleep, which is ideal for music enthusiasts. The bed is three feet from the ground and resembles a huge wooden tank. The mattress is placed inside the frame, enveloping you in wooden walls with built-in speakers. This bed could be ideal for you if you enjoy listening to podcasts while sleeping or relaxing with classical music.

29. Rocking Bed 

Do you recall how your mother used to rock you to sleep? As an adult, you can now experience the same sensation! A rocking bed uses a circular frame with a motor to simulate the same swaying motion. The bed will rock back and forth in a smooth manner once the motor is turned on, lulling you to sleep in seconds.

Wave Bed No. 30

The wave bed is fashioned like a wave, as you might expect. The bed’s structure is formed like a wave and can be made of a number of materials, including leather and wood. In modern and contemporary homes, this sleep design looks fantastic.

31. Hammock Bed Indoors

A hammock is constructed of canvas or rope and is suspended in the air by connecting the rope to a taller support. Hammocks, which are typically associated with outside lounging or camping, have lately become popular indoor beds.

32. Upholstered Bed 

The frames of upholstered beds are composed of a range of materials, such as suede, velvet, and faux leather. The fabric is placed on top of a layer of padding, making these beds’ headboards extremely soft and comfy. It’s ideal for folks who want to read or work while lying in bed.

33. Lighted Bed 

Any bed with a headboard that has lights integrated in is referred to as a lit bed. This bed is ideal for those who enjoy reading in bed or want dim lighting while sleeping.

34. Cot 

When it comes to sleeping, a cot bed isn’t everyone’s first choice, but it is a very practical solution. A cot bed has wheels at the bottom of the frame and may simply be folded for storage. When you’re short on room and have family or friends staying the night, this is a terrific sleeping alternative.

35. Bed with an Open Frame

Open-frame beds have a metal frame and are a minimalist form of bed. These frames are available in a wide range of styles, all of which have open rectangular sections. They look fantastic in contemporary homes and offer a touch of class to any bedroom.

Various Bed Designs

If your home or bedroom has a distinct style, you’ll most likely want a bed that complements it. We cover a variety of bed types for any home, from traditional to Scandinavian.

36. Traditional Bed

A variety of designs from previous times are included in the classic bed type. Poster beds, canopy beds, and other styles are available. To capture the timeless traditional design, traditional beds are often built of dark wood.

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