Have you considered renting a hospital bed? Here’s Everything You Should Know

While recovering from an accident, caring for a sick loved one, or simply growing older, a regular bed may make life more difficult. Getting up, adjusting yourself comfortably, and sitting up is straightforward when you’re fit and healthy… It may be tough, however, if you aren’t feeling well.

A hospital bed may be quite useful in these instances, not only for the person who is ill, but also for those who are caring for them. They are not only more convenient, but they also have important safety features that reduce the risk of falling and developing pressure sores.

If you’re considering renting a hospital bed for your home, we’ve compiled a list of important factors to consider.

Positioning is a lot easier.

Spending the entire day lying flat on your back in bed is not good for the body or the mind! You could prop your patient up with ten pillows in a regular bed, but hospital beds feature electric motors that can lift the head and feet to the exact position they require at the touch of a button.

This not only allows the patient more flexibility in how they sit, but it also reduces the risk of their caregiver suffering a strain injury when assisting them in shifting.

Chances of falling are reduced.

If your patient is unable to get out of bed due to age, medication, or handicap, it becomes a serious health risk. Over 100,000 people are admitted to hospitals in Canada each year as a result of falls, with falls out of bed accounting for more than 15% of them.

Low-lying beds are beneficial to patients who are prone to falling out of bed. They, too, may be electronically raised or lowered to make caring for them more convenient.

The flow of blood has improved.

Spending a lot of time sitting or relaxing in the same position causes the body’s circulation to slow down, resulting in less critical blood flow to the skin. Bedsores are a severe health risk for people who are bedridden, and they can develop in as little as two hours.

A hospital bed with a fitted air mattress helps to maintain healthy circulation by rotating air between certain pockets included inside the fabric. By transferring pressure and boosting blood flow, the alternating therapy helps to nourish the skin.


A patient’s mental health can have a direct impact on their physical health. Nobody likes being confined to their bed for the entire day or trapped in a room apart from the rest of the family and unable to participate in social events.

Hospital beds are designed to be mobile, allowing patients to be moved outside to the garden or to a more central area of the house where they can interact with family members.

Transferring is a safer option.

The caregiver can adjust the height of the bed to allow transferring the patient to a wheelchair or walker easier and safer than using their own strength.

Not only does this lessen the caregiver’s risk of repetitive strain injuries – and hence the need to care – but it also makes it easier for patients who are in pain to get in and out of bed.

Is renting or buying a home preferable?

Purchasing a hospital bed as a whole could be pricey. Hospital bed leasing may be a more cost-effective and convenient option if your patient’s needs are likely to be temporary.

We provide bed pick-up and delivery, as well as frequent cleaning and maintenance, to keep your bed in great form at Hospital Bed Rental Inc.

We’ve been selling healthcare safety equipment to hospitals, nursing homes, and private houses in all of Canada’s capital cities and regional locations for more than a decade.

Please contact us at (416) 254-7179 if you require assistance in making your decision. Our employees have all worked in healthcare settings and can offer you the finest advice for your individual situation.

Our delivery drivers are trained to carry and transport therapeutic foundation bedding leases all the way up and down stairs, so cellars and second/1/3rd floor homes are no problem. All condo transportation and pick-ups are scheduled the day before the specified date, and a gathering portion will call to schedule a specific season of transportation or pick-up, which is convenient for any event. Our transportation drivers are no longer employed by a third-party event provider and are now in-house. Within 15 minutes of the scheduled transportation/pick up time, you may expect to be received straight by a charming and talented thought process power.

We no longer see the value in providing clients with 4-6 hour house windows to anticipate closings. We’re quite adjustable and accommodating, so we might work with you on your left if a lingering moment or squeeze occurs. A pecan timber finished work area zenith that is top moveable using a simple switch is used by the clinical organisation sleeping cushion work area condo. The work area for the sleeping pad includes four wheels that lock into place. Clinic sleeping cushion tables are an excellent option for people who spend too much time on bedding or who have limited adaptability and want to improve their comfort. Beds in emergency clinics are meant to care for persons who are either debilitated or stable.

On a normal sleeping cushion, situations cannot be substituted.

On a standard sleeping cushion, you can’t sleep like a normal man or woman.

It is impossible to sleep without the apex of the bedding being greater than 30 degrees due to logical scenarios such as breath difficulties, congestive coronary cardiovascular breakdown, and so on.

It is necessary to employ both footing and bedding.

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It’s a sturdy, stable foundation with the goal of providing excellent service for long periods of time. This is different from the clinical establishment beds you’ll find on Amazon because it includes free shipping and returns! You have the option of returning your flexible for a partial refund if you are unhappy with it. Working in a wholly electric-powered clinical organisation bedding can be clean and useful, and it can be done without anyone’s help. Because no effort is necessary in transporting those beds, they cost more and are among the most expensive sorts of clinical facility beds. The presence of each electric-powered and manual option is usually one or more, and it helps in the event that the computerised alternative fails to perform in any condition.

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