Hospital Bed Rental Inc.’s Buying Guide Adjustable Beds with Smart Technology

We’ll go over everything about our adjustable smart beds in this tutorial. By the conclusion of this book, you should have a better understanding of the ideas underlying smart beds and be able to make a more informed decision…

What is a Smart Adjustable Bed, and how does it work?

Adjustable smart beds, unlike profiling beds, aren’t height adjustable and don’t have side rails. Our Smart Beds are intended for maximum comfort and to improve sleep quality. Our customizable smarts take your sleep to the next level with unique features and innovative technology:

A restful, refreshing slumber

Adjust your positions for maximum comfort and a restful night’s sleep each and every night.

Be gentle with your back.

In-bed postures that provide postural support without the need for pillows

Uninterrupted slumber

Anti-snoring technology allows you to relax and enjoy every second of your sleep.

Comfortably watch and read

Choose from a variety of in-bed sitting positions to become comfortable quickly.

Enjoy a luxurious night’s sleep.

Make your bed your own with a variety of designs to match any bedroom decor.

Technology that is intelligent

Technology can help you get a better night’s sleep.

Typical Modifications

  • Backrest

At the head end of the bed, the backrest is the top portion of the smart bed foundation. There is no need to use pillows to support your back and prop yourself up in bed because the backrest can be adjusted to sit the user up in bed. With the backlit wireless remote, the backrest is electrically lifted, which is designed for comfort when sitting upright in bed reading or watching television. It may also be utilised to achieve a more comfortable sleeping posture and has been shown to be beneficial to one’s health.

Resting your legs

At the foot end of the bed, the leg rest is the bottom component of the smart bed foundation. A lighted wireless remote may be used to adjust the leg rest, which can raise the feet over the rest of the body. The thigh piece is tilted upwards when completely lifted, while the lower leg section is horizontal. This posture allows for great circulation.


The neck-tilting platform allows the user to lift his or her head slightly while lying in bed. This position is good for supporting your neck and improving ventilation while sleeping.

Features of the Opera Smart Bed

Our adjustable smart beds are designed with innovative technologies to provide the best possible sleep experience and superior comfort. Each element has been carefully considered to provide complete comfort, relaxation, and a restful night’s sleep…

In the absence of gravity

Did you know that NASA created this position? Weightlessness and total relaxation of the joints and muscles throughout the body are both possible in zero gravity. It truly seems as if you’re floating on air, providing the utmost in lying-down relaxation.


With Anti-snore, you can say goodbye to a restless night’s sleep. The innovative posture that takes advantage of the built-in neck lifting platform to raise the head and expand the airways, therefore reducing snoring. This function is ideal for couples who share a bed, since it eliminates restless nights.

Voice Control with SleepTalkTM

Alexa allows you to control your bed with your voice. Our smart beds may be used in conjunction with your smart speaker to improve your sleeping experience. Simply say to Alexa, “Alexa, elevate my backrest” or “Alexa, put me in zero-gravity posture.”

Wireless Control with Backlight

To operate your bed, use a beautiful, backlit wireless handset. Our phones are meant to be simple to use, with illuminated icons for each feature and the ability to be used as a lamp to assist with getting into bed at night.

App SleepSmartTM

Download the Opera SleepSmartTM App to use your smartphone to manage your adjustable bed.

Massage with SleepWaveTM

A built-in massage function provides comprehensive relaxation by gradually soothing the body for maximum comfort and relaxation.

Lighting for under the bed

With the under bed light, you can create the ideal atmosphere for watching TV or reading in bed. It also serves as a soft guidance to help you get into and out of bed. To activate, simply press the lighted control.

Wall hugging GlideBackTM

Enjoy the modifications without having to move the complete frame, allowing you to be closer to your bedside furniture.

Programming in Memory

For fast comfort, save your favourite sleeping and sitting positions to your bed.

Reminder to Set an Alarm

The inbuilt alarm feature on your adjustable smart bed with built-in audio settings will help you get up on time.

What to Look for in a Hospital Bed Smart Bed

Now that you’ve learned about the advantages and benefits of our adjustable smart beds, you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

1. Look through our selection of beds.

Choose from a base-only bed or a bed that includes a headboard and surround. Our smart bases come in a variety of levels of technology, but they’re all meant to improve your sleep and deliver maximum comfort.

All of our adjustable smart beds are available separately or in combination with any of our adjustable bed headboards and surrounds.

2. Select a Size

We provide four common width options across our adjustable smart bed range:

Single 3ft

Small double (4ft)

Dual 5ft King

Dual 6ft Super King

Our dual sizes come with two illuminated handsets that can operate either side of the bed independently. Because our dual sizes have two independent mattress platforms, they require two mattresses. This is excellent if you and your spouse like different types of mattresses.

3. Fabric Selection

All of our adjustable smart beds are available in zinc, linen, or anthracite, which are all in-house textiles. All of our fabrics are of the highest quality and are of premium grade. Customers may also pick a bespoke fabric from over 200 options to build their own one-of-a-kind bed. Customers may create their own bed, from the headboard to the customizable features and fabric, using our personal design service. The normal lead time for our in-house textiles (Linen, Zinc, and Anthracite) is 4-6 weeks. Allow 6-8 weeks for manufacturing and delivery of our custom fabrics and non-stock versions.

4. Invest in a Mattress

Choose from a variety of comfort mattresses that are compatible with our adjustable smart beds. Standard divan mattresses, in most situations, are not suited for use on an adjustable bed owing to the bed’s profiling function. Our mattresses are designed to allow for profiling while yet providing the best possible comfort and support.

The optimum blend of comfort and support may be found in our pocket sprung mattress. The mattress adapts to the body and provides soothing cushioning as you sleep, thanks to its 4000 hand-nested springs and authentic British wool.

Our Hybrid adjustable mattress combines innovative ortho and comfort foams with pocket springs for ten layers of optimum comfort. The Premium Hybrid is ideal for overheated sleepers, as it has cool comfort gel-infused foam with airflow, which moulds the body and provides ventilation to help regulate body temperature.

The Natural Latex mattress is made of naturally breathable material that keeps you cool while also repelling typical germs and dust mite that build up over time. This mattress provides body support on the resting surface while reducing pressure spots.

For genuine comfort and temperature control, our cool gel mattress is a deep layered mattress with layers of gel-infused foam mixed with a sturdy foundation foam and air holes.

Medium/firm firmness

A single-layered mattress with body-regulating temperature features that provides orthopaedic spinal support.

Toughness: Tough

A pressure-relieving layered foam mattress with a visco/memory foam topper and a sturdy, filler-free reflex foam base.

Medium/firm firmness

5. Additions

With this Jersey cotton sheet, you can make your hospital bed even more comfortable. Our sheets are made of 100% combed jersey cotton and are very soft. They keep you warm and cosy.

Our cool gel pillow is the ideal complement to your hospital bed, since it is manufactured with a sophisticated cooling gel that helps to regulate body temperature while you sleep. Our pillow provides proper postural support and maximum comfort by contouring to the head and neck shape.

Our quilted protector sheet will keep your mattress safe. Designed to extend the life of your adjustable mattress and prevent illness. If you want a 10-day trial period for our adjustable beds and mattresses, you may buy a fitted sheet.

6. Services and Delivery

All of our stocked items are delivered the following day as standard, thanks to our wide delivery network. To get stocked items the next working day, orders must be submitted by 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. Orders placed after 3 p.m. will be sent the next business day.

Installation in the Home

You don’t want to put your new bed together yourself? That’s not an issue; we’ll take care of it. We provide a one-of-a-kind home installation service in which our engineers will set up your adjustable bed and demonstrate how to use it. You will be given a delivery date after ordering your bed, and our installation staff will phone you one hour before they come on that day. Delivery are made between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., with upgrades for assigned scheduled deliveries available for an extra fee.
Our delivery and installation crews are sure that they follow an extremely thorough cleanliness procedure in accordance with Covid-19 criteria. For all courier deliveries, we maintain a no-contact policy. We kindly ask to not be present in the room during the install and ensure a safe 2 metre distance where possible.

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