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We take pleasure in developing strong relationships, not only with our loyal customers, but also with our suppliers at Hospital Bed Rental Inc. As a result, our purchasing department has put together a very appealing package for people looking for a fully-electric home hospital bed.

This fantastic package includes everything you’ll need to keep yourself or a loved one safe and comfortable during recuperation or long-term use.

The adjustable backrest and lagrest on the home hospital bed make it easy to find the ideal position for anybody. In addition, a second motor that works the bed as a whole will lower and elevate it to make it easier for the patient and caregivers to get in and out.

The bed’s robust spring construction also allows it to support a weight capacity of 450 pounds, making it suitable for people of all sizes and demands. The comfort of a bed, on the other hand, is determined by the mattress that is placed on it, not by the frame. Unlike a traditional foam therapeutic mattress, which has a single foam density throughout, our improved mattress has a multi-layer structure that avoids pressure surges and shear. The mattress, for example, has shallow ridges in the area where the patient rests his or her lower legs, which help lay the legs at an ever-so-slightly lower angle, reducing swelling and friction. In addition, for a more comfortable sleeping experience, the area where the head is positioned in the mattress is slightly softer than the back area.

The Drive ultra-light home hospital bed is a wonderful alternative for individuals looking for the best value without sacrificing superb quality, function, and durability. It comes with a lifetime guarantee on welds, a five-year frame warranty, and a one-year warranty on all other parts and components. Our team of committed specialists will be pleased to assist you if you require any information about the bundle or are interested in other beds from our remarkable line.

Most people dismiss the possibility of owning a hospital bed, but the truth is that most people may benefit from having one. When and under what conditions should you get a hospital bed for your home? Aside from the obvious considerations like the stage of a sickness or injury, personal comfort levels, and medical advisor advice, there are numerous other factors to consider.

Continue reading to find out why someone would need a hospital bed at home.

When Should I Get My Loved One A Hospital Bed?

To some, the term “hospital bed” conjures up images of sterility and pain, although these perceptions are based on outmoded knowledge. Hospital beds have evolved significantly over the years, and they are now essential tools for those who need to improve their quality of life after a stay in a medical facility.

Many hospital beds for home use, such those created by Hospital Bed Rental Inc, are designed to seem like regular beds but have a tonne of extra functions!

Hospital beds are perfect for rest and relaxation at home. A suitable care bed can improve your loved one’s independence, healing, and quality of life if they have had an extended stay in the hospital and need to adjust to a new lifestyle. The knees and head may be adjusted for better incontinence support, and the assist rails let carers manage personal care in a way that is more comfortable for the patient. Improved hygiene promotes healthy skin and reduces the risk of bedsores and urinary tract infections.

For Those Who Have Mobility Issues, Hospital Beds Are Ideal.

Getting out of bed becomes more difficult as we age. Standard mattresses and bed frames aren’t designed for mobility, so if you notice an older relative or loved one losing their mobility, consider a hospital bed. During a check-up or after an extended hospital stay, many doctors may bring it up as a possibility.

If you’re buying a specialty bed for an elderly relative or loved one, make sure to consult with them first. While switching from a huge bed to a hospital bed may appear to be a significant change, the size and posture of the hospital bed make navigating in the room considerably safer. The majority of people who want these beds are looking for the comfort and relaxation that the various versions provide!

The Benefits of Having a Variety of Hospital Bed Options

Hospital beds are far more suitable for the comfort demands of recovering patients than regular beds. However, not everyone who needs a care bed has the same level of comfort, which is why you can customise the bed and its amenities to meet your specific needs.

Hospital beds have the advantage of being able to modify their height, as well as the head and foot of the bed, above typical home beds. For therapeutic and comfort reasons, many patients who are awake in bed like to elevate their head, feet, and knees. Many people require a flat, level surface to sleep and can shift to a seated posture to read or watch television while awake. Different models have different posture-adjustment settings.

Today’s hospital beds come in a variety of shapes, designs, and amenities to suit a wide range of budgets. While almost all hospital beds provide some level of comfort and relief, less priced beds sometimes sacrifice some of the safety, style, and advanced positioning features.

A hospital bed can be outfitted with home care equipment.

Hospital beds are no longer just for medical purposes; they are also luxury, allowing for more pleasant recuperations, greater sleep, and a more at-home feel. One way they achieve this is by allowing for a wide choice of home care equipment; from extensions to comfortable reading lamps, accessories can transform the bed into a piece of medical equipment that never feels like one.

They also have additional room for medical and support supplies. Hospital bed assist rails, for example, make it easier for those with mobility impairments to get in and out of bed and keep them from rolling off the sides. You may place additional along the bed frame’s side for more covering, and these pieces of care equipment serve as excellent reminders for people who require assistance in and out of bed. When clients need to reposition themselves in bed, they can additionally attach an overhead trapeze helping bar for added support.

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