On a bed, why would you utilise split siderails?

Split siderails are becoming increasingly popular on care beds across the world, and we can see why. Full-length bedsides are less flexible, safer, easier, and adaptable than split siderails. This is why.


When it comes to adjusting a patient’s position in bed, full-length siderails are inflexible. Split siderails are more adaptable to deal with in profiling situations since they are made up of two components.

This means that if you wish to raise the head end of the bed, the siderail will follow suit without compromising any other parts of the bed. The same principle applies to the bed’s foot end.

Split bedsides are also a lot more adaptable in terms of length. Full-length bedrails do not fit on length-adjustable beds, so you’ll need to acquire an extra pair of longer ones to meet the new bed length.

Split bedrails are built into the head and footboards of the bed, so they don’t need to be adjusted or swapped in and out when the bed’s length changes.


Split siderails have the advantage of being able to shift with the headrest or footboard when the position of the bed changes. Because full-length siderails can only stay in one position, they won’t protect your patient if they need to sit up in bed.

Because the siderail may be adjusted and raised with the head or footboard as needed, you can be certain that your patient is safe with split siderails.

One bed in particular has a distinctive design that makes it easier for patients to go to their bedsides. When the siderails of the Interlude Platinum aren’t in use, they fold away beneath the mattress platform.

This eliminates any potential obstructions created by the siderails, and it also improves the appearance of the bed.

Split siderails can also be used as a mobilisation aid since they can be locked at any height, allowing the patient to push up to standing without fear of their shifting.


One disadvantage of full-length bedrails is that they cannot be equipped with a built-in control panel. This makes determining the patient’s personal comfort and placement more challenging.

Split siderails, such as those seen on the Interlude line, can be equipped with integrated controls. The panel may be mounted on the bed’s head part, allowing the patient to operate the bed.

Another thing to consider is that full-length siderails can be unsightly and uninviting at times. Patients who have to look at full-length metal concertina siderails every day have it especially bad.

Split siderails allow you to use a variety of materials while still providing the same level of protection and safety without feeling prison-like or scary. The split enables for integrated mesh on some siderails, which is more patient-friendly.


Split siderails are also much easier to utilise for caretakers – and they may be extremely useful!

Some split bedsides include built-in angle indicators that display ideal 30° positions and the like. This enables caregivers to establish the precise position in where their patients are.

When not in use, the split siderails may be readily removed from the bed. They also allow you to select the number of siderails you want on your bed.

It’s also less expensive in the long term because you don’t have to buy four siderails for each bed. You may choose to purchase simply a few, which you can then switch out between different beds as needed.

On a budget, the best adjustable bed

“It’s critical for me to have a decent night’s sleep.”

You may still enjoy the comfort and design of an Opera adjustable bed even if you have a limited budget.

Our Motion Adjustable Smart Bases come in a variety of sizes and features, so there are lots of alternatives to fit different budgets and tastes. The Adjustable Smart Base is ideal for those on a tighter budget yet still want a lot of functionality. Back and leg adjustment, anti-snore technology, and more are all available on the Motion, which is operated by a beautiful backlit wireless remote. 

There are customising choices to fit your home style, as well as the opportunity to modify the hardness of the bed to your taste, as with all of our beds. At Opera, comfort, support, and design are never sacrificed, regardless of your budget.

Our broad warranty terms provide you peace of mind that you’ll be protected if you ever need us, no matter how little your budget is. All of our adjustable smart beds and bases come with a complete 5-year parts and labour guarantee as standard.

Best dual-control adjustable bed

Do you have a companion in your electric bed?

All of our adjustable beds are available in a variety of widths to accommodate single or two people.

For couples who can’t seem to agree on their preferred sleeping position, our Opera® Borg Smart Adjustable Bed with MotionPlus smart base is a great option. Couples can sleep in style and have adjustable comfort at the press of a button because to the beautiful design. After all, your sleeping position is one-of-a-kind!

You get two handsets and two distinct mattress platforms with the Borg in our dual sizes (5ft and 6ft), letting you to pick and save the most relaxing and comfortable position for you.

Our smart beds are smartly developed with anti-snore technology, a neck tilting platform that elegantly opens up the airways and minimises snoring, to further enhance your sleep experience.

Because our dual adjustable beds feature separate mattress platforms, you may both select the most comfortable and suitable mattress for you.

Some people like a softer mattress, while others prefer one that is firmer.

For adjustable beds, memory foam and gel-infused foam mattresses are popular options.

Everyone is unique, which is why it’s critical to consider all of your alternatives and select the one that best suits your needs. Our 4000 Pocket Sprung Adjustable Mattress is the ideal complement to one of our adjustable beds for individuals who want a soft mattress.

There are additional firmer mattress types available, as well as the option of cooling technology if night sweating is a problem. Both our premium Gel and Premium Hybrid mattresses include cooling-gel qualities that help to control temperature and keep users comfortable. Our mattresses are built to give superior postural support and comfort.

The best adjustable bed with lighting under the bed.

“I like to unwind before sleep by reading or watching a nice movie.”

An adjustable bed with relaxing under bed lighting is ideal for creating the tone if you like a nighttime routine, whether it’s reading a nice book, watching your favourite show, or applying your favourite skincare items.

The Adjustable Smart Base from Hospital Bed . has an underbed light on the frame’s base. The lamp is designed to provide just the right amount of light for reading or watching TV in bed. Prepare for bed with only your smartphone!

The most fashionable adjustable bed.

“I’d like my bedroom to be elegant and welcoming.”

Every hospital bed is created by British designers to be welcoming, comfortable, and contemporary. You may personalise the design by selecting from a gorgeous array of headboards, fabrics, feet, and sizes.

Our adjustable smart beds come in a variety of beautiful headboard shapes and surrounds to complement any bedroom decor. Meanwhile, you may use our unique design service to build a bed that is entirely created by you and manufactured by us. Choose from a wide range of textiles to personalise your bed exactly as you want it.

The Adjustable Smart Bed is a beautiful and contemporary bed that would look great in any bedroom. The Romeo, like all of our beds, features quality upholstery created by our trained artisans using only the finest materials.

It’s more than a bed.

“I want a bed that will improve my sleep and provide other benefits.”

When it comes to features, our adjustable smart beds not only look good, but they also employ clever design and technology to provide you with the best sleep experience possible. The SLEEPWAVETM function of our MotionLuxeTM Smart Base gently massages your back, legs, and feet as you sleep — bliss.

All of our adjustable beds are operated with a wireless backlit remote with glowing icons, which is meant to be simple to use so you can get comfortable quickly. Our smart beds aren’t just for sleeping; they’re also intended to deliver the best in comfort and luxury.

It is well known that medical services are overworked as a result of pandemic conditions. Canada is no exception. According to data, the demand for hospital bed leasing services has increased as the demand for in-home care has increased. The medical bed market in Canada is expected to grow at a 5% CAGR by 2026. These figures show why someone might want to launch a hospital bed rental service.
Rather of jumping on the bandwagon, check to see if the need for a hospital bed leasing business is true. We’ll go through the key reasons why hiring a hospital bed is a smart choice in this essay.

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