The History of Hospital Beds and Their Evolution

Hospital bed have a significant impact on patient comfort and rehabilitation. However, in the broader picture of medical treatment, they are frequently disregarded. They play an important function in assisting you to have a good night’s sleep and recover pleasantly. They now come in a variety of forms and sizes, employ cutting-edge technology, and are intended to assist people with certain health issues and diseases.

However, they were not necessarily as pleasant or simple to use. Since its introduction in the 1800s, hospital beds have undergone tremendous evolution. In this section, we will look at the many types of hospital beds and then go back in time to present an overview of the history of hospital beds and their evolution.

Hospital Bed Types

There are several varieties of hospital beds that may be found in medical institutions, hospitals, and people’s homes. The sort of bed you require is determined by your medical condition and therapy. Healthfully, a health education website, presents an overview of the most frequent types of hospital beds:

Electric Gatch Bed

Beds with Low Air Loss

Circo-electric Mattresses

Clinitron Mattresses

Beds with Stretchers

The Evolution of Hospital Beds

It is difficult to pinpoint the actual origins of the hospital bed. A hospital bed has been around for hundreds of years in various forms. They began with a simple stretcher. They used two long poles of equal length with a fabric material laid over them to carry a person with a medical concern.

There is little doubt that hospital beds have evolved significantly throughout the years. A study published in the Journal of Physics: Conference Series in 2016 titled, From Modern Push-Button Hospital-beds to 20th Century Mechatronic Beds: A Review, presents a historical overview of hospital bed developments:

  • Beds with movable rails are said to have first appeared in Britain between 1815 and 1825. They employed a mechanical crank to raise and lower the side rails.
  • Andrew Wuest and Son, a mattress firm based in Cincinnati, Ohio, obtained a patent for an elevating mattress frame in 1874. This is the earliest prototype of the contemporary hospital bed that we see today.
  • Willis D. Gatch, former chair of the Department of Surgery at Indiana University School of Medicine, invented the next hospital bed in 1909. He created the three-segment adjustable bed, which is now known as the Gatch Bed. It enables the head and feet to be lifted.
  • General Electric created push-button hospital beds in 1945. This design incorporated a built-in toilet, which was an intriguing feature. The plan was to get rid of the bedpan.
  • Dr. Homer Stryker invented the Circ-O’lectric Bed in 1958. Many more alternative approaches for dealing with complicated medical issues have been established.
  • Beds with basic bed controllers were developed in 1961.
  • Control panels on side rails were created in 1974.
  • Side rails with remote control were introduced to hospital beds’ functionality in 1978.
  • 1980s: The 1980s were increasingly focused on the creation of hospital bed mattresses. Therapeutic mattresses have been created. Some had position detectors and mechanics that allowed them to weigh patients while they were still in bed. Exit monitoring devices with patents were also produced. Other advancements included a mechanism to contact the nurse and persistent cardiovascular monitoring, both of which became standard bed features.
  • Outside of the hospital, an electric bed was installed in 1983.
  • Beds with more complex functionality are created in the 1990s. Mechatronic beds are becoming a reality, and research is focusing on more sophisticated design.
  • 1993: The industry develops specific specifications for electronic hospital beds to prevent against mechanical and electrical risks.
  • Today, researchers are continuing to create and improve on existing hospital bed designs. New industry standards are emerging, assisting in the development of beds that are more useful, intelligent, pleasant, and simple to use for patients and caregivers in a hospital, care facility, or private home setting.

Investigate Hospital Bed Solutions

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It is sometimes stated that a good bed is one of the finest expenditures you can make. There is no substitute for a good night’s sleep. When you are recuperating from an accident, sickness, or have a health problem, it is even more crucial to get enough rest.

In truth, not all beds are made equal. This is especially true if you’re recovering from an accident, surgery, or sickness and are confined to a bed for the bulk of the day.

Those who have mobility challenges understand the importance of having the correct bed. Getting into and out of bed might be difficult. The correct bed can help you move about and receive support from your carer.

For anyone who has mobility challenges, hospital beds are one of the most beneficial sorts of beds. They aren’t only for hospitals, either. You may also use them at home. They are an excellent choice for providing optimum comfort, functionality, and safety at home for you or your loved ones.

The Advantages of Installing a Hospital Bed in Your Home

Installing a hospital bed in your house is an excellent choice for persons who require home care or have medical concerns. Here are some of the many advantages of having a hospital bed installed in your home:

1. Makes it easier for caregivers to assist you:

Hospital beds are easily adjustable. They may be adjusted up and down to make getting in and out of bed simpler. They also make it a lot simpler for carers to help you. There will be less uncomfortable postures and reaching in strange positions to assist you in moving about and getting into bed.

2. Sleep Soundly:

It is critical to have a decent night’s sleep. Getting comfortable and finding the appropriate sleep position might be difficult if you have mobility or health difficulties. A hospital bed allows you to effortlessly modify your position to find a comfortable position.

3. Remain in the home you adore:

Many individuals desire to stay in their favourite house for as long as possible. Even if you have health or mobility concerns, a hospital bed allows you to remain at home.

4. Security: Hospital beds are built to be secure.

You may protect yourself from falling out of bed by adjusting the side rails of your bed. These rails also provide something to grip onto to help you adjust and feel comfortable.

Examine Your Hospital Bed Options

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When is it necessary to hire a hospital bed?

Renting a hospital bed is typically preferable to purchasing one. Hospital beds are expensive, and you’ll probably no longer need one after you’ve recovered. If you intend to recover quickly, there is no need to purchase a bed. Not to add that renting will be more cost efficient for a short-term solution.

Hospital Bed Rental Inc. can help you with both renting and buying a hospital bed.

Hospital Bed Rental Inc. can offer you with the assistance you want, whether you need a hospital bed for a short-term recovery period at home or as a long-term solution at your house. Renting a hospital bed does not have to be a complicated process; we will work with you and your insurance provider to guarantee that you have the bed you need when you need it.

When Should You Purchase Hospital Beds for Home Use?

Purchasing a hospital bed for your house is not a choice to be taken lightly. Purchasing a hospital bed is advantageous for the following reasons:

Long-Term Rehabilitation

The most prevalent reason for purchasing a hospital bed is for long-term recuperation and care. If you want to use a bed for months or even years, it is more cost effective to buy rather than rent. Many people who want to live at home rather than in a long-term care facility purchase home hospital beds. Before purchasing a bed, consider how long you will need it.


A bespoke hospital bed may be necessary if you have special or urgent health care demands. In this instance, it is typically more cost effective to purchase the bed. This allows you to tailor it to your exact requirements, assuring optimal comfort and functionality.

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