What are the different kinds of hospital mattresses and where can you get them?

Hospital mattresses, often known as medical mattresses, are generally not as comfy as your personal bed mattress. The mattresses on hospital bed are not the same as the mattresses we use at home. They are made with the strength of the edges and thickness in mind, as well as the patients’ safety concerns.

Hospital Mattresses of Various Types

There are many different types of hospital mattresses on the market, but you must pick the ideal one depending on the patients’ individual demands.

Foam mattress: A medical foam mattress has a higher density, such as 32 or 40. They’ve been given an antibiotic treatment. To guarantee waterproofing, the mattress is usually covered with rexine or plastic. The cover is made of FR (Fire Resistant) fabric. A hospital foam mattress can be plain or have two or four foldable sections.

Pressure pads and pump in different colours:

Alternating pressure pads and a pumping mechanism are used in hospital mattresses. The air production is 6-8 litres per minute, with pressures ranging from 30 to 100 mmHg. Nylon or PU-coated fabric is used for the cover.

Mattress with Air Jets:

Small holes are drilled onto the surface of these hospital mattresses to prevent humidity, bad air, and microbial development. The air production of an air jet mattress is 3.5-4 litres per minute, with pressures ranging from 50 to 90 mmHg. PVC was utilised for the cover.

How Do You Pick The Best Hospital Mattress?

The standard dimension of a hospital bed mattress is 36 inches wide by 80 inches long, however some mattresses may be extended to 84 inches. You must keep in mind that the hospital mattress should be longer than the patient’s height and fit comfortably on the bed.

Flexibility – It should be flexible and not break after bed modification, since many hospital beds have adjustable positions, therefore adjustable mattresses are highly recommended for such beds.

User mobility – A foam mattress is a wonderful alternative if a patient spends a lot of time in bed.

What is the Best Way to Clean a Hospital Mattress?

It is critical to clean the hospital bed mattress thoroughly. Regular disinfection and cleaning can extend the life of your mattress. Always keep in mind that you’re cleaning your hospital mattress using the best chemicals available. Avoid using extremely concentrated solutions since they may cause fabric damage.

Where can I get the best deal on a hospital bed mattress?

Your query after reviewing all of the hospital mattresses will be, “Where can I get a hospital mattress in India?” The answer is Fresh Up. Fresh Up Mattresses offers superior quality Foam Mattresses for Hospitals that are made with Rexine cover and FR fabric to meet all industry requirements.

The comfortable cosiness of the mattresses will enthral you when you visit a 5 star hotel in India. You’d like to have that level of comfort in your own house as well. The answer, in essence, is in the mattresses they employ. To provide comfort to its visitors, 5 star hotels in India utilise a variety of premium and luxury beds. So, if you desire the same level of comfort in your life, you should invest in such mattresses. Let’s take a closer look at these sorts of mattresses and have a better understanding of them so you can make the best decision.

Spring mattresses are made to provide you the most comfortable night’s sleep possible. This style of mattress is used in many 5 star hotels in India, and it simply makes you snooze your alarm clock since you are too lazy to get out of bed. The springs are arranged in such a way that it gives you with great comfortable comfort. The springs are arranged in such a manner that there is a space between them, enabling air to flow throughout the mattress and preventing the accumulation of body heat. Furthermore, the comfort of a mattress is determined by the thickness of the spring wire and its carbon content.

Consider the following when purchasing a spring mattress:

Unique Support Technology: The unique assist technology is meant to support your back posture, allowing you to obtain a better night’s sleep. Such is why that technology should be included in the spring mattress.

Continuous Breathable Technology: The distance between the springs of a spring mattress must be large enough so that body heat does not interfere with your sleep.

Antimicrobial Technology: Most mattresses are home to germs that are harmful to your health. Antimicrobial technology, on the other hand, ensures that your mattress does not harbour microorganisms, almost eliminating the risk of health problems as a result of your mattress. So, invest on a spring mattress that features antibacterial technology.

The comfort of a hotel is also provided by memory foam mattresses. Memory has the unique ability to adapt to your body form by absorbing your body heat. The pressure spots on your body are relieved by these mattresses, which distribute your weight evenly.

Consider the following factors when purchasing a memory foam mattress:

Sumptuous: The mattress’s composition is what makes it luxurious. The memory foam provides a great level of comfort. It gives your mattress that ‘cosy’ feel.

Unique Support Technology: The layers of your mattress must be arranged in such a way that they offer a pleasant sinking sensation for your body, which is essential for a restful night’s sleep. You’ll get just that with a memory foam mattress.

Fusion Plus Technology: The memory foam mattress you select should also include Fusion Plus Technology. It’s a pressure-relieving system with four deep levels. As a result, a memory foam mattress with Fusion Plus technology is great for sleeping.

What factors should you consider while selecting a mattress for your hotel or resort?

Customer requirements – Keep in mind that mattress requirements differ from person to person, therefore select mattresses based on your customers’ requirements.

Age Group – Because all ages of groups visit the hotel, it is critical to understand their preferences and supply mattresses that are appropriate for them.

Bed Sizes – The size of your bed is very important. Your body should keep inside the mattress’s bounds for a pleasant night’s sleep. So, whenever you go mattress shopping, keep your bed measurements in mind.

Where can you find top-of-the-line mattresses in Canada?

You must visit to Hospital Bed Rental Inc. if you are seeking for a top choice of exquisite mattresses in India. You will be able to acquire high-quality mattresses at attractive pricing here. Fresh Up Mattresses also has a quick delivery time. So, after you place your purchase, you won’t have to wait long to receive that restful night’s sleep. As a result, if you’re looking for a high-end comfortable mattress, Hospital Bed Rental Inc. Mattresses is the place to go.


The greater safety for the user is one of the most significant advantages of owning a hospital bed. The bed may be moved around on wheels with locking mechanisms while the patient is in it. This means you can move the patient about the room without worrying about the bed moving because the wheels are secured.

The ability to readily alter the patient’s posture and the height of the bed is another important safety feature of hospital beds. This makes it quick, straightforward, and safe to move the patient to a wheelchair or other transfer equipment.

Optional full or half railings are also included as a safety element on our hospital beds. This means you can rest easy knowing the user is not in danger of slipping out of bed at any time of day or night!


Because they are compatible with other home health care gadgets, hospital beds are a terrific addition to your house. It is simpler to move a patient from a hospital bed to a wheelchair, rollator, bed table, or other transfer equipment while they are in a hospital bed. This is owing to the fact that the bed’s position can be simply adjusted, making transfers easier and safer.


Another significant advantage of having a hospital bed is that it makes the job of the caretaker or caregiver considerably easier. Hospital beds are not only simple to transport, but they are also simple to adjust for safe and easy patient transfers!


The hospital bed are incredibly simple to alter. Many hospital beds come with a powered version that may be operated with a single button press. This implies that the user can modify the bed themselves rather than relying on a caregiver or caretaker to do so. This increased independence may be aided by this more flexibility. The user may adjust the backrest height to up to 90 degrees using adjustable placement. The lowest half of the bed may also be modified to improve comfort and circulation in the lower extremities.

Hospital Bed on Wheels

The Delta Ultra-Light 1000 is the Drive Hospital Bed we’re presenting today. This hospital bed has the following features:

Full-electric system with built-in lighting and a whisper-quiet motor

Scratch-resistant wood grain boards with a higher headboard than footboard

Labeled and color-coded springs make installing side rails a breeze.

Hand control with up to 9 complete cycles of adjustmentFull or half-length safety certified rails are available as an option.

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