What you need to know about renting a wheelchair!

Although it may appear straightforward, selecting the appropriate wheelchair  as well as hospital bed Brampton is a difficult task. Learn how to hire a wheelchair in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, and other cities around Canada. A wheelchair provides a great deal of comfort and empowerment to the person who uses it.

A motorised wheel chair can cost as little as $500, but can cost as much as $1000 to $2000 for high-end versions.

Wheelchair for Rent is also an option for individuals who cannot afford to buy a new wheelchair owing to its high cost. The simplest model of a motorised wheelchair may be rented for $500 with a deposit.

Wheelchairs cost roughly $2000 for the basic model and $1000 to $2000 for the premium model, which includes features such as a toilet seat, tiny wheels, brakes, ruggedness, folding, and extreme lightness.

Our primary ambition is to be able to bridge the gap between providing customers with mobility options right at their doorstep at a reasonable BUY price or an Easy Rent plan. We’ve established a NICHE with a solution for renting wheelchairs, thus we rent manual wheelchairs and now motorised wheelchairs. If the customer requests it, we will even send the wheelchair to their home.

We’ve built a large selection of wheelchairs that are relevant and useful for certain needs – there are now over 30 different types of wheelchairs to pick from.

1.Wheelchair for home – small wheels, big wheels for self-propulsion, compact wheelchair, wheelchair with commode, toilet wheelchair, only toilet chair for outdoors durable wheelchair

2.Office Wheelchair – choose between a motorised wheelchair, a foldable, lightweight wheelchair, or one of our executive wheelchairs.

3.Park / Outdoors / Travel Wheelchair – Manual or motorised power wheelchair with folding, robust wheels

4.Wheelchair for all occasions! – The ultimate in elegance and comfort, with all functions in one wheelchair. Reclining motorised wheelchair OR manual reclining wheelchair with commode are two choices.

Our wheelchair line is of the highest quality, is cost-effective, and is designed for Indian households with space limits, washroom size considerations, and transporting in automobile solutions in mind. We buy from a variety of international and local wheelchair manufacturers, as well as modify and build bespoke wheelchairs at our manufacturing facilities, and can essentially deliver everything a customer requires.

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The wheelchair is available in a variety of configurations that allow either manual or electric propulsion by the sitting occupant spinning the back wheels by hand.

Behind the seat, there are frequently grips to allow various people to push. People who find walking difficult or impossible due to disease, accident, or handicap use wheelchairs. A wheel bench is frequently used by those who have difficulties sitting and walking.

A simple manual wheelchair has a seat, footrests, and four wheels: two small caster wheels in front and two big wheels in rear. Hand-rims, which are two metal or plastic rings about 3/4″ thick, are commonly used on the two bigger wheels at the back.

A wheel chair helps people become more mobile and self-sufficient. Wheelchairs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they are used for a variety of purposes. Whatever wheelchair you pick, it’s critical that you understand its limits and how to use it safely.

Many basic models may have their seat size (width and depth), seat-to-floor height, footrests/leg rests, front caster outriggers, adjustable backrests, controls, and other features changed or added, while other users, particularly those with unique needs, may have wheelchairs custom-built.

Looking for an inexpensive wheelchair store near me? ” is the solution to your search.

Electric Wheelchairs, Motorized Wheelchairs, and Battery Wheelchairs are all terms for the same thing.

The motor and battery power the electric wheelchair/battery wheelchair. They’re also known as automated wheelchairs or motorised wheelchairs. They have a high level of sophistication. A joystick or push buttons are used to control them. Some electric wheelchairs are equipped with modern technology that allows them to climb stairs, move on gravel, and even rise to reach high shelves. Because electric wheelchairs require sturdy frames to hold the engine and battery, they are both heavy and costly. Motorised Wheel Chairs start at $660 and go up to $1650 for high-end versions. Wheelchair for Rent is also an option for individuals who cannot afford to buy a new wheelchair owing to its high cost. The basic model of the motorised wheelchair is rented for $79 a month with a deposit.

​Types of Electric Motorized Wheelchairs we have

Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

Reclining Electric Wheelchair

Small Electric Wheelchair

Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchair

Folding Electric Wheelchair

At Hospital Bed Rental Inc., you may get the best pricing on electric wheelchairs and battery wheelchairs. We have a store in Toronto (for this reason, we can easily fulfil orders from Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and Oakville).

Batter Wheelchair / Electric Wheelchair

We are pleased to inform you that we are the first in the industry to provide electric wheelchair rental programmes.

So, whether you’re looking for “electric wheelchair rental near me,” “electric wheelchair rental,” “electric wheelchair on rent,” “lightweight electric wheelchair rental,” “electric wheelchair with bathroom functions,” or “electric wheelchair pricing,” you’ve arrived at the correct spot.

The ideal sort of electric wheel chair varies depending on the individual. When selecting an electric wheelchair, bear the following points in mind:

Controller: The sort of controller required for your electric wheelchair is determined by the user’s physical condition, quantity of mobility, and strength. Joysticks, switches, keypads, finger control devices, and other sorts of power wheelchair controls are the most prevalent.

Size: Standard electric wheel chairs can support patients weighing up to 300 pounds, while bariatric variants can support patients weighing up to 650 pounds. If the user is a youngster, you must buy a child wheel chair.

Battery life: The battery life varies greatly across models. You’ll want to pick for a model that has a lengthy battery life, especially if you’ll be using your electric wheelchair a lot throughout town.

Wheels: Determine if the driving wheels are in the front, centre, or rear of the vehicle, and then select one that meets your requirements. Front-wheel drive chairs are most suited for difficult terrain, whereas mid-wheel drive chairs are the most manoeuvrable. Back-wheel drive chairs may go at a faster pace.

Wheelchair with Power / Motorized Wheelchair

The ‘best’ form of motorised wheelchair varies depending on the individual. It all relies on an individual’s own problems and ambitions.

We always recommend receiving an examination before purchasing a motorised wheelchair. Working with an expert guarantees that you obtain the correct drive type and user customizations.

We are dedicated to finding the best motorised wheelchair for each and every customer. We’ve witnessed the great effects that the correct assistance and aids may have on daily life. As a result, we’re committed to matching as many individuals as possible with the best chair for them.

This may be classified into three groups based on functionality:

Power Chair with Front Wheels

Power Chair with Rear Wheels

Powerchair with a Mid Wheel

Electric Wheelchair with Heavy Duty

Heavy duty wheel chairs have the wider widths and weight capabilities required to assist larger patients. They can be motorised or self-propelled, with powered versions being more frequent. Heavy-duty wheelchairs are frequently outfitted with extra safety and comfort features to help avoid accidents or injuries like pressure ulcers. They are intended for patients weighing more than 250 or 300 pounds and up to 500 pounds. The Drive wheelchairs are once again our top choice for fat individuals.

These wheelchairs are extremely hefty and well-constructed to withstand the test of time. They are often greater in size since they are designed for larger folks. In fact, we have a whole range of bariatric equipment for obese individuals.

Electric Wheelchair with Reclining Seat

Reclining wheelchairs are intended to allow the user to recline comfortably at increasing angles without expending too much energy. These chairs provide a shift in placement, allowing the user to expand the seat to back angle, which is far more comfortable than a traditional seating arrangement. This type of setting improves healthy back posture and aids in the prevention of back damage caused by prolonged sitting.

There are several reasons why you would buy a reclining chair; we created a list that you may browse through below to have a better sense of what you require. The reclining wheelchair aids in the prevention of pressure ulcers, alleviates hypotension, allows for easier transfers, and is pleasant.

How much does a wheelchair cost?

However, in our immediate region of operations in Toronto, we provide a comprehensive choice of Wheelchairs on Easy rental options.

​So you don’t have to choose between making an initial investment and caring for your loved ones. It is made easier with rental options for wheelchairs and medical beds.

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