When Is It Necessary To Use A Hospital Bed At Home?

It might be difficult to choose a hospital bed brampton and other adaptable bedroom equipment. It’s difficult to imagine renovating your bedroom, removing your lovely furniture, and having to replace it with all of this medical equipment. It’s difficult to envisage your dresser being replaced with a patient lift, your nightstand being replaced with a commode, your sofa being replaced with a geri chair, and your bed being replaced with a hospital bed… In many cases, you may wish to avoid it entirely, but you know that it is the greatest option for you or a loved one.

Even if you acknowledge the truth of the issue and are ready to make the necessary adjustments, the process of switching over can be challenging and stressful due to the numerous alternatives available. Today, we’ll look at the many types of hospital beds and their benefits, as well as hospital bed accessories.

Is it better to go manual, electric, or someplace in between?

There are three basic options to choose from when getting started. A manual bed, a semi-electric bed, and a fully electric hospital bed are available.

Hospital Beds with Manual Operation:

The manual bed’s positions and height are controlled manually with a crank, thus physical work is necessary whenever you wish to alter the bed’s position. A manual bed, on the other hand, may be the ideal alternative if the patient does not require regular position changes. Keep in mind that certain manual beds do not have the same variety of positions as an electrical hospital bed, so if the patient needs to be moved around a lot, an electrical hospital bed could be a better choice. The manual bed is typically far less expensive, so if you have a caregiver who can help, the manual hospital bed is the most cost-effective option.

Hospital Beds with Semi-Electricity:

A motor handles the adjustments needed for the feet and head in a semi electric bed, so you may effortlessly change those positions with the touch of a button. The bed’s height, however, is still adjustable manually. A semi-electric bed may be ideal if the patient requires regular repositioning of the head and leg rests but not the height. Semi-electric beds are often more expensive than manual beds, but they have the extra benefit of eliminating the need for human labour to adjust the two ends of the bed.

Hospital Beds with Full Electricity:

An electronic bed is one that is hooked into a wall outlet and operated by a remote that is normally attached to the bed’s side. All of the different positions may be readily adjusted, obviating the requirement for manual work. A complete electric bed’s height may be readily modified with the touch of a button, in addition to the control over the feet and head. This is vital if the patient requires the bed to be lowered often to make getting in and out of bed safer, and then elevated again to provide caregivers easy access to the patient. A complete electric hospital bed would be the greatest option among the three main types of hospital beds if this is something that will be required.

Alternatives to the bed

There are also a few additional alternatives. A hi-low bed may be the finest and most secure alternative for people who are at danger of slipping out of bed. The hi-low bed can be as low as 7 inches from the ground, ensuring that if the patient falls, it will be from a low height. Obviously, in such instances, a fall safety floor mat should be installed to assist reduce the risk of harm from a fall. Another technique to avoid falls is to use a bed rail, which can be half or full length and is meant to prevent patients from falling.

Another alternative is a bariatric hospital bed, often known as a heavy duty hospital bed, which is designed for patients weighing 350 to 1000 pounds. To fit the demands of a bariatric patient, they are built to be more sturdy and broader. The bariatric bed is normally significantly more expensive, but there may not be much of an option in many circumstances.

Check out Hospital Bed Rental Inc.’s Hospital Bed Guide to discover more about home hospital bed choices in Canada.


There are many various possibilities in terms of which mattress you should have, just like there are many different options in terms of which beds you should get. The innerspring mattress is the most common type of hospital bed mattress. It is similar to a standard mattress and is an excellent alternative for people who do not need to spend a lot of time in bed.

A foam preventive mattress could be a lot better for individuals who have to stay in bed for extended periods of time. When a patient rests on a standard mattress for lengthy periods of time, the chance of getting severe bed sores increases. The foam preventive mattress is designed to assist such patients in avoiding these issues. An alternating pressure relief mattress is required for individuals who already have bed sores or an ulcer. These mattresses are constructed in such a manner that the air cells in the mattress alternately inflate and deflate, providing the sufferer with calming comfort.

Accessories for hospital beds

Bed rails or bed canes are two features and accessories to consider when purchasing a hospital bed. They can both prevent the patient from falling out of bed and aid in getting in and out of bed. Patients who require assistance shifting or rolling over in bed may benefit from these devices. Some have extra support with their feet on the ground, while others have a board that goes beneath the mattress. Make sure the patient does not attempt to climb over the rails, since this can be quite harmful.

If the patient need more assistance than merely getting up, many hospital beds can be equipped with a trapeze bar that the patient can use to pull themselves up into a sitting posture on their own. If your preferred hospital bed does not have this feature, you may purchase a trapeze bar that comes with a base that fits at the head of any bed.

The Advantages of Purchasing a Hospital Bed

There are several advantages to owning a hospital bed. A hospital bed will not only give the user with additional comfort that a standard bed cannot, but it will also boost the user’s freedom and keep them safe by making getting in and out of bed easier. This means fewer falls and the difficulties that come with them! Hospital beds are also equipped with wheels, allowing them to be moved around the house. They also include locks to keep them motionless when necessary! Hospital beds also include therapeutic mattresses, which means your loved one will be more comfortable!

What’s the Difference Between Your Mattress and a Hospital Mattress?

Many people choose to maintain their own bed at home rather than convert to a hospital bed since they are unfamiliar with the differences. The following are some of the distinctions between a regular bed and a hospital bed:


Unlike ordinary beds, hospital beds are built to work with different medical devices. Transferring to a wheelchair, rollator, bed table, or other transfer equipment is made easier and more convenient with these beds. This is due to the fact that you can quickly modify the posture of a hospital bed!

Simple to Use

Did you know that you can modify the bed in a hospital bed at the push of a button? This implies that the user can adjust the bed on their own, allowing them to reclaim some of their lost freedom.

Reducing the Chances of More Complications

Hospital beds come with special hospital-grade mattresses that assist prevent pressure ulcers and pressure sores. Specialized ROHO mattresses are also available for persons with more complex problems that may require a higher level of support.

Characteristics of a Hospital Bed

Hospital beds come with a variety of features that might help you feel more comfortable and mobile at home. The following are some of these characteristics:

Positioning that can be changed

The backrest of hospital beds may be adjusted to a 90-degree angle. This will assist the person in sitting up. The adjustable position for the lower limbs is also accessible, which can aid with both comfort and circulation!

Height-Adjustable Bed

Hospital beds give an increased degree of safety and convenience by allowing the user to adjust the bed height. The transfer will be considerably easier than in a regular bed, whether the user is trying to get in or out.

Additional Protection
Hospital beds have an additional safety feature in addition to all of the previously mentioned gains in independence and safety. These beds are available with either a half rail or a full rail. This means you and your loved one can sleep well knowing there’s no danger of slipping out of bed in the middle of the night.

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