Why is it critical to get the best hospital bed for your home?

It is critical to have a comfortable and well-equipped bed for a family member who needs to spend the majority, if not all, of the day in a bed at home. Otherwise, it might be upsetting for both the families and the sick individual. Patients who are forced to’rest’ all of the time may develop depression as a result of their lack of activity. On a physical level, it can make it difficult for the patient to get out of bed or cause difficulty with proper care. Pressure ulcers can develop as a result of poor care in extreme circumstances.

The cost of treating these ulcers might be rather high. Many variables can raise the risk of bed sores when resting in bed for an extended amount of time.

One of the main causes of decreased blood flow to particular parts of the body is a lack of mobility. Other considerations include the patient’s weight and age. Consuming a well-balanced diet is critical for preserving skin health, as the tone of which deteriorates when a person is ill. Other factors, including as infections or incontinence, can put patients at danger. A pressure ulcer is caused by a combination of factors including pressure, wetness, stretch, tear, and friction. This can be prevented if you have a well-made hospital bed with the suitable sleeping surface and functionality.

Furthermore, having a hospital bed will aid in the patient’s movement coordination. This is true while the patient is in bed, as well as when they are being transported to and from the bed.

Taking care of a sick family member is a difficult undertaking. It is much easier for the caretaker as well as the individual who is ill if you have the proper equipment at your disposal. When eating, the user should be able to sit up in a comfortable position without fear of further deterioration of his health. So, if you have a bed that allows you to raise the patient’s upper body without them having to exert any effort, you’ve got yourself a solution.

Similarly, depending on the doctor’s instructions, the user may be required to rest with their feet lifted or with their head raised at a certain angle to aid in recovery. Additionally, having a bed that can be elevated to a specified height as needed and then lowered again helps them get out of bed.

All of this can be supplied by selecting the appropriate bed and other safety items for your sick loved ones. Invacare IVC home care beds are created with these considerations in mind, ensuring that the healing process is as comfortable as possible for both the patient and the caregiver!

The Invacare IVC home care bed has the following features:

The following are some features that make it easier to deliver, set up, maintain, and clean Invacare IVC beds.

• Universal bed ends – these bed ends can be used as a footboard or a headboard and on any Invacare bed. As a result, the bed ends are interchangeable and need less inventory.

• Sturdier bed end panels – these bed end panels are 22 times stronger than normal fibreboards and are resistant to scratches.

• Motor system — these beds use a low-voltage DC motor system, which is lighter, faster, and quieter than AC motors. It incorporates waterproof enclosures, making the bed totally washable.

• Storage-friendly hand pendant – the hand pendant has a heavy-duty rope, an optional cradle, and strain relief for easy storage.

• Secure positioning – the bed comes with two locking and non-locking casters with non-marring rubber treads that allow for secure positioning.

• CSA and UL962 certifications – all of the beds are CSA and UL962 approved.

• Manual operation – Each electronic bed comes with an emergency crank that provides manual control of all motors in the event of a power outage.

• Weight capacity – the beds can hold patients weighing up to 350 pounds and have a total weight capacity of 450 pounds.

• Junction box – it has a double-insulated junction box that eliminates the need for prong grounding.

• Color coding – the junction box’s connections are colour coded to make maintenance easier.

• Caster sockets – the caster sockets have been greatly improved in order to ensure good retention throughout the transport and setup of the beds.

• Extended maintenance schedule – every new customer receives an extended maintenance plan, which can be renewed every three years.

Hospital Bed Types

There are several different types of Invacare beds to choose from depending on your needs. The following are the:

The Invacare IVC complete electric bed is particularly convenient for both the patient and the person caring for him or her. The bed has a minimum height of 15″ and a maximum height of 23″ (measured from the floor to the bed board). The patients will find the flat sleep surface, which is 80″ long and 36″ wide, to be very pleasant. This bed’s pendant control is simple to operate and may be adjusted to provide the proper placement for the knees and upper torso. The bed frame’s height can also be modified to make getting out of bed simple and safe.

You can also get the Invacare IVC complete electric low bed in this type, which has a minimum height of 9.5″ and adds even more convenience and safety to your house. These low bed ends are totally interchangeable and interoperable, allowing inventory management to be simplified.

Semi-Electric Beds by Invacare — These beds are less expensive than fully electric beds. The knees and upper body are electronically positioned, while the height of the bed (between 15″ and 23″) is manually adjusted. To accomplish this, the caregiver can use a manual crank to modify the height of the bed as needed. It can be found at the foot of the bed.

Other Bed Equipment and Accessories

A home care bed is complete with a variety of accessories and equipment. The following are some of the product categories

Rails for the bed

The Invacare bed rails are an essential safety and security attachment that must be present on every patient’s bed. These rails are chrome-plated and welded in steel to provide durability and the ability to resist repeated severe use. It’s simple to put together, and many models don’t require any equipment. Any medical bed can be fitted with these rails, either permanently or temporarily. There are many different types of Invacare bed rails to choose from, depending on your needs: All versions come with a one-year warranty.


Mattresses are just as essential as beds. Even if you have a suitable medical bed at home, the mattress you choose might make a huge impact. Invacare offers a variety of mattresses to help with your health.

Solace Therapeutic Foam Mattresses – these are mattresses with two layers of foam compositions that are expressly created for therapeutic purposes. The solace mattresses are designed to evenly distribute the patient’s weight, preventing and alleviating pressure sores. The mattresses of the Solace Prevention line are patented. They are a one-of-a-kind static support surface that provides enormous comfort to both the patient and the caregiver. These mattresses provide a gentle head and heel support and are available in an 80″ length. The Solace Prevention 1000 and Solace Prevention 3000 models are both affordable mattresses from the Solace Prevention range.

Bedside tables and other bedside accessories are placed on top of the bed.

Extender Kit – the extender kit is designed to increase the bed’s length from 80″ to 84″. It’s a complete kit that includes an expanded link fabric, driving shaft, helical, and head pull tube. This is also suitable for all IVC beds.

Invacare Auto Touch Overbed Table – As the name implies, this table rises automatically when a tiny touch is applied in this direction. This table contains a patented spring-loaded handle that is used to secure the table in place. This is extremely simple; as the table top rises, just tap it downward to keep it in place.

These table tops are simple and convenient to use at home or in hospitals.

The table’s height may be simply modified to provide the best possible comfort for the patient when reading, writing, or eating. With a walnut-colored wood grain and a laminated top, they are beautiful. It also includes a T-moulded edge to help it resist damage. These tables are equipped with 1.5″ casters that allow the table to move freely in any direction. Finally, the table’s longevity is ensured by thick gauge chrome plating and welded steel tubular construction, making these overbed tables a practical and valuable addition to your home medical equipment.

Traction & Traction Equipment from Invacare

All Invacare trapeze units are essential for patient movement while in bed or being moved to and from the bed. Ensure that the trapeze is solely attached to the bed end at the head area at all times. The trapeze units have a wide range of hand bar placements and height modifications to provide optimal accessibility to the patient. These are available in a variety of forms and should be chosen based on the patient’s needs.

A) Trapeze Floor Stand by Invacare

B) Invacare Trapeze Bar with Fixed Offset Trapeze

C) Invacare Trapeze Bariatric Floor Stand

What is the purpose of Invacare?
After reading about all of Invacare’s goods, you should be able to figure out what you need to buy to ensure that your loved one recovers quickly. Taking care of a family member or friend who is fully reliant on you is a huge job, so make sure you make all of the required arrangements to ensure the patient’s comfort. With a wide range of products ranging from the bed to other accessories, you may focus on medical care without worrying about causing additional difficulties that can degrade the patient’s health. These could include things like patient safety and being able to feed them correctly while they are at ease. Taking the necessary steps and purchasing the appropriate equipment will help you avoid further financial and mental difficulties.

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